Vegetable Oil Vs Olive Oil

Vegetable Oil Vs Olive Oil

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It’s the monsoon season, and for food lovers it’s the season to indulge in fried foods. (“Pakoras” and fried potato cakes). But for all of us out there who love cooking as much as eating, a right choice of oil for cooking is necessary and thus, I am here to give you a perspective on Vegetable Oil vs. Olive Oil.

Fried food has a bad rap already, and people who enjoy fried foods do it almost as a guilty pleasure knowing that it can have an effect on their health later on.

So, how can we ensure that the craving remains only as a pleasure without any guilt?

That is possible only by choosing the right oil for your cooking as it take away the negative impacts that the food has over your health.

And the two best options for those are to use Vegetable oil vs Olive oil.

Vegetable Oil
Vegetable oils are a group of fats that are extracted from nuts, cereal grains and fruits or vegetables (e.g. Soybean, rapeseed and cocoa) which are liquid in room temperature.

Vegetable oils contain Saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, monosaturated fats. These oils are extracted from rapeseeds, sunflowers, soybeans by the process of pressing.

These extracted oils can then be refined or purified if required. Vegetable oils have many health benefits and uses and it is one of the most commonly used oils in the households of Pakistan.

Types of Vegetable Oils
There are several types of Vegetable Oils such as:

• Coconut Oil: Extracted from coconuts, they are high in saturated fats. They are used in cooking and they are specially used in baking and cosmetics. Coconut oil can also help in preventing hair loss.

• Soybean Oil: Extracted from soybeans, this oil is mainly used for cooking and it is made as a byproduct of processing soy meals. It has some health benefits such as it helps control the cholesterol levels, improves the bone health and improves vision.

Sunflower Oil: Extracted from sunflowers, this oil is mainly used for cooking and it is also used to make biodiesel. Sunflower oil can also be help people who are suffering from arthritis and asthma and also it promotes skin cell regeneration.

These are the most commonly found Vegetable oils in Pakistan.

Health Benefits
There are several health benefits of using vegetable oils such as.

Decrease in the Risk of Heart Disease: Research has shown that people who use vegetable oils as a part of their everyday diet had normalized the effects which cause cardiovascular diseases such as Increased Blood Sugar levels. Increased blood pressure, increased serum cholesterol levels.

Helps Boost immune system and Cell Growth: Vegetable oils are said to help fight bacteria and reduce Candida with Lauric Acid present in some vegetable oils. Vegetable oils also are helpful in cell growth as they are rich in Vitamin E which is necessary for cell protection in the body. It is said to protect the body tissues such as eyes, skin, and liver.

Helps prevent Osteoporosis: Research has shown that coconut oil is one of ways to prevent osteoporosis; the subjects who used coconut oil were seen to have better bone density and also decreased bone loss due to osteoporosis.

Improves Digestion and reduces stomach Ulcers: Research has shown that coconut oil can also help in the improvement of one’s digestion because it helps improve the gut health of a person by eliminating bad bacteria and Candida.

Olive Oil
1) Olive oil is extracted from whole olives by the process of pressing.
2) Olive oil is mostly used in cooking for frying or as a salad dressing.
3) But it is also used as a moisturizer for dry skin which makes the skin soft and smooth.
4) Olive oil contains saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and monosaturated fats.
5) Olive oil is said to be the healthiest of oils when it comes to cooking and is a favorite of chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and other popular chefs.

Health Benefits
It helps against Strokes: It is found in research that people who consume olive oil in comparison to any other oil have been found to have a significantly less chances of having strokes because of the monosaturated fat that is present in olive oil.

It does not cause weight gain: As olive oil is very light and healthy it is said not cause the consumers any weight gain when consumed in regular amounts, it is said that it can rather help lose weight with a moderate consumption.

It can help against the risk of type 2 diabetes: Through research and observational studies it has been found that consumption of olive oil can help the consumer against the risk of diabetes as olive oil has beneficial effects on a person’s blood sugar levels.

So, in conclusion we can say that Vegetable Oil vs Olive Oil is up to the choice of the consumer but what we have seen through this article is how it can both be beneficial for our health when they are consumed in limited amounts as an excess of anything is not good for our body.

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