Different cooking techniques

Different cooking techniques

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Cooking is the art of expressing ourselves. The spices we use, and the techniques we use, speak volumes about our dedication to the craft. Mothers cook food to fill the stomachs of their children and family members. The sweetness of her food, made with love, is the dedication with which she cooks. Chef experiments with new ingredients to make a dish, beautiful colors, and beautiful decorations. He brings a smile to the customers face. The smile is the reflection of the chef's dedication. Food is the source of our existence and cooking is the source of the food we eat. Cooking has been practiced for thousands of years and will be practiced until time immemorial. Every physical activity we do includes some kind of technique, which makes us better than good. Cooking is also an activity that involves many techniques. We use many basic techniques during everyday cooking. But do we know the name? Do we know what part of our cooking is a technique? So, let's get acquainted with some basic terms of cooking techniques. Also, it will portray our kitchen to be professional, because that's what it is! It is not like this?

Some cooking techniques are:


The most widely used and well-known cooking technique is baking. Who doesn't like cakes, brownies, cupcakes, or muffins? The baking technique requires kitchen accessories such as the microwave or oven. It can also be done with a pressure cooker. From time to time, we see new bakeries opening up. Baking adds ease to the kitchen due to the less fuss. All you have to do is prepare the dough and heat it in the microwave. The addition of baking powder to the dough is very important so that the dough takes shape and becomes fluffy. Although, baking can be adapted to cook snacks. Nobody eats cakes for their staple diet!


It is a technique in which fruits or vegetables are submerged in boiling water. They are left to boil for some time. After boiling, they are immersed in an ice bath or under a stream of cold water. This technique reduces the loss of flavor, enzymes, and color of the food. It is generally adopted when it is necessary to preserve food for freezing.

Clay Pot Cooking:

This technique has been used since ancient times. Clay pot cooking is the cooking technique in which food is cooked in glazed or unglazed ceramic. The food prepared under this technique is low in fat compared to other cooking techniques.


It's a common technique too. Speaking specifically of the Pakistanis, we love to fry pakoras and samosas and such. The name itself makes our mouths water. Deep frying is a technique in which the raw dough or dough is submerged in oil and allowed to fry for more than 5 minutes. Many vegetables and snacks are prepared using this technique.


Are you thinking and visualizing the delicious grilled sandwiches with mayonnaise, vegetables, and cheese? This is making me hungry! But now we know why we call it a grilled sandwich. In addition, the grill is also used to prepare dishes such as fish, chicken, etc.

Microwave cooking:

Microwave cooking is widely used today. The microwave has become a very useful kitchen tool due to its easy handling. Also, microwave cooking can be used to cook many vegetables. Save time and increase our efficiency. Due to the lack of time, ready-to-eat food packages are attracting the attention of a large audiences. Safeguard the working class from fighting in the kitchen. And the microwave plays a very important role. Food heats up in the microwave with no problem.

Outdoor kitchen:

Often used during picnics or outings, this technique also reflects a glimpse of our past culture. It was the only way to cook back then, but now things have changed. This technique is used by campers and backpackers who are out in the middle of the woods. Also, people use it for recreational purposes. It requires the use of dry wooden sticks to start the fire and the utensils are made to be hung to cook the food. It can be said that it is an authentic cooking technique.


This is the last step after cooking. Garnishing is a very simple yet complicated technique that can completely change the mood and look of your meal. Serving your food creatively is very important to intrigue the mood of the diner. When the food looks good, we can see the effort put into cooking the food and it brings a smile to our faces. Having served a meal adorned with a smile can create a very strong and positive impact on the diner. It makes them feel loved and special, after which they enjoy their meal with double the happiness. These were some of the many cooking techniques that enhance our way of delivery. This blog was hosted by Hilal Oils, Karachi. We market various types of pure and blended oils taking into account the preferences and requirements of our public.