Brief History 

The idea of Razzaque Basit Group of Oil industries was conceived before the creation of Pakistan. Today, it stands as one of the supreme quality edible oil manufacturers in Pakistan. What started from a small setup has evolved and expanded to a spacious setup spanning over three industrial units.

We, at RB, make it our priority to deliver the finest quality of products to our valued customers. We aim to make our first-rate products easily available to every citizen in the country. For this purpose, our proficient sales department works tirelessly, making our products available all over Pakistan. Our quality production is spearheaded by our proficient production team.

Our product range includes varieties of banaspati ghees, industrial fats, cooking oils, and frying oils. All our products are trans fat-free and unadulterated. The raw materials are carefully handpicked and selected.

RB strives to keep its legacy alive by keeping up with the traditions of quality and culture of perfection. We aim to rise higher in terms of quality, and provide enhanced customer satisfaction and consumer preferences in the times to come.

Business Activities

As a unit of GCP it was sick Industry having huge losses. After took over the unit scenario changed and losses reduce rapidly in 1994 but due to short of working capital and market condition the position reverse and losses continued burdening the company up to 2002.

Future of the Industry

M/s. AB Oil Industries Limited has a big name in the Ghee Industries and having strong hold in the market. Our present goodwill is the major Assets of the company. It is only possible on our present quality, commitments and believes of our customers on our product and we pursue the promised ourselves in this regard.

The company was the unit of GCP and known as A&B Oil Industries Ltd. In 1993 the PC has invited bid from General Public to sell the net Assets of A&B Oil Industries Ltd. As successful Bidder we enter into Sale Agreement dated 1993 with Privatization Commission Ministry of Finance Government of Pakistan

Al Hashmi Brothers Oil Industries PVT LTD.
H/6, Estate Avenue, SITE Karachi Pakistan

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