About Us

A & B Oil industries Limited was established in 1968. In the year 1971 Government of Pakistan has nationalized the said unit but 1993 the Government had de-nationalized through Privatization commission of Pakistan and Al Hashmi Brothers Oil industries Pvt Ltd take over the charge of the said unit. M/S R.B. Oil industries Pvt Ltd have purchased the shares of Al-Hashmi Brothers Oil industries Pvt Ltd and managing under the supervision of Shaikh Abdul Razzaque Chairman of M/s R.B Oil industries Pvt Ltd, he has vast expertise in refining and production of cooking oil, Vegetable Ghee, Puff Margarine, Biscuit Margarine, Vegetable Fats etc.


Hilal Cooking Oil

Hilal oil is one of the best qualities of cooking oil which is the ultimate house-hold choice.Its fully double refined and high temperature treated. It is fortified with vitamin A&D which were essential for health.

Hilal Banaspati

Hilal Banaspati ghee gives your food a mouthwatering aroma and an unmatch taste. Cholesterol free which makes it safe for heart patients and health conscious people. It has significant amounts of Vitamin A & D. High leves of heart healthy fates help you live a long healthy life..

Hilal Biscuit

Shortening made with our premium blend of refined 100% vegetable oils.Made as per specification, Hilal Biscuits Shortening has low oxidation rates and is the main element for backing crispy biscuits, cookies an wafers.

Hilal Danedar Banaspati

Hilal Danedar Banaspati is a premium quality vegetable ghee that is made of 100% natural Vegetable Oils.

Bati Banaspati

Baati Banaspati is a premium quality vegetable ghee that is made of Baati 100% natural vegetable Oils. it is a healthy choice for cooking any dishes and retain the aroma, taste and nutrition of the food..

Hilal Puff Margarine

Made from a 100% blend of pure vegetable oils, hilal puff is released from our state of the art certified margarine plant. It’s non greasy and highly plastic qualities make it the perfeect input for supreme quality bakery pastries.

Hilal Bisco

Released from our state of the art margarine plant, hilal gold special  margarine offer you the taste and quality for baking perfect cakes,  filing and soft biscuts